Pan Mixers

Panmixers are the most essential accessories when streamlining your brickyard. It helps mix the aggregate, cement & water thoroughly & uniformly. A swivel opening allows the mixture to fall into the waiting tip barrow or chute of your static machine.

A brick making machine is only as fast as your mix will allow you. Installing a high-speed machine means very little unless there is a constant availability of ready mix. We have designed a robust, yet simple mixer to ensure a rapid supply of mixture. Our range of mixers all have inner linings, so that, when these are worn out, they can simply be replaced, together with the mixing tools (paddle shoes). In this way, your mixer should last for many years, where you need only periodically replace the worn out sections.

Our Panmixers operate on a robust, rapid mix cycle, specifically designed for semi-dry mix as used in cement brick/paver/block manufacturing process. The 200 Litre mixers can deliver around 30 to 40 cubic metres of mix per day (8hrs.) and the 300 Litre, up to 55 cubic metres. With a minimum of about 60 sec per batch, the labour/time saving aspect justifies the price and the Pan Mixer now becomes an asset to any brickmaking operation undertaken.
Using a panmixer will ensure that:

  • The aggregate of one or more types is uniformly blended & mixed
  • The cement is uniformly distributed evenly throughout the mixture
  • The water content is thoroughly propagated
  • The speed of the cycle is superior to other methods
  • The consistency of the speed as well as mixture product is kept for all batches

So if you have a brickyard & you are thinking of expanding - first get a panmixer to maximise the efficiency of your current machinery & optimise the quality of your current concrete product before increasing your production through additional brick machinery.
Give us a call for affordable quality pan mixers for your brick yard.