Brick & Block Making Machines

We are based in the East Rand, specializing in the manufacturing of concrete block, brick and paver making machines and various moulds.
Our range of products varies in size and capacity (with different output capacities) in order to suit each clients unique needs. We manufacture various products, which includes, Rolling sieves, Vibrating tables, Kerb Moulds, Windowsill Moulds, Lintel Moulds, Mobile Machines, Static Machines and Pan mixers.


  • Sturdiness
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Durability

More About Some Of Our Brick & Block Making Machines

Pan Mixing Machine

Pan Mixer Machine is a qualitative range of machines offered by us. These products are widely used in the construction industry owing to their superior results. Our machines are employed with stirrer type blades and roller for the mixing of grit cement, small granules and fly ash.


Brick & Block production is done on wooden boards or pallets. The machinery remains stationary & the production is extruded out along a conveyor system of some kind.


Production of bricks occurs on a concrete slab. The machinery is not stationary - instead it moves along on wheels. Aggregate is fed into the machine & the bricks are compacted in place, after which the machinery is moved forward (or backwards depending on perspective) off the bricks. This system has been compared to a chicken laying eggs; hence the term "egg-layer."


Doubell Machines would advise you to consider your unique situation when determining which system of brickyard set-up is preferable; However there are some generic starting points of advice:

If you want to manufacture building units that will be plastered & appearance is not critical, rather aim for higher production machinery such as the Jumbo MK3. This will also reduce your actual unit costs by providing more bricks / blocks in a day for the same overall fixed costs.

If you want to produce high-quality pavers, consider a static set-up such as the Hyperstat. The dual vibration will certainly make an impact when dealing with finer material such as sand (river/plaster/building sand) and/or fine grit or crusher dust.
The Jumbo MK3 on a Static Adaptor with an additional vibrator motor is a perfect merge of both high quality & high production. This system works best if you only intend producing pavers, but boards can be heavy (90kg or 195lbs) but certainly manageable.